Our Team

Below are Myra's Team Members:


ANKUR GARG (Founder & Managing Director)

Mr. Ankur Garg belonging to a affluent Industrial business family leads to the profession of Wedding Planning in 2012. He has a passion to involve in planning and managing since his college days , where he used to arrange for college Annual Fest’s, Sports Meet etc. His love and passion comes to reality when he arranged for his own Wedding and an Exhibition “ Punjab Photo Fair”  at Ludhiana in 2013. He had a vision to bring reform in business of wedding planning by bringing new innovations in “ THEME WEDDINGS” by coneptulizing the whole wedding in a different manner.


BENUKA GARG ( Creativity Head & Fashion Consultant)

Mrs. Benuka Garg serves the company as the creativity head for bringing new innovations to arrange and present the venue and decors in all new way. She has a deep knowledge of making show piece and decor item out of nothing that will catch everyone’s eye. Apart from this she is a fashion consultant too. Being a women she has interest in dressing styles and new trends prevailing in the field of wedding attire when it comes to wedding shopping. She knows it all, where to shop and what to buy. Being regular in the wedding market, she gets huge discounts at bridal stores which are directly transferred to our valuable clients.


Daman Meet Singh (Hospitality Manager)

Damanmeet Singh is a passionate Tech-Savvy who knows his responsibilities and strengths. After serving as National Campaigns for B.J.P, he decided to persue his passion and love for weddings and Hospitality. He  take utmost care while managing the Guests & make sure to double check everything right from “Planning to Execution” phase. With our Hospitality team at work, he ensure that the host & each of their guests enjoy to the fullest & get best of their experience in Hospitality.